With backgrounds in communications, advertising, public relations, journalism and design, we help our clients develop long-term relationships with stakeholders such as journalists, influencers, B2B clients, employees and consumers. We are, above all, business consultants with a special ability to drive results through content and relationships.

Our journey began with a vision create the ultimate agency work experience for public relations professionals. We are proud to consider ourselves professionals of the world. We have a competence for using innovative technologies that transform the way we live our lives to tell meaningful stories for our clients.


One Media Maker has become the type of agency former employees miss, hire and recommend. And over the years, we have become contributing members for some of the world’s most innovative companies.


List of Services

  1. Digital marketing solutions. These are the basic building blocks of a competent marketing and advertising program for any local business. More and more traditional media companies are now offering this cluster of services, often calling it a “digital agency” approach.
  2. Content marketing. In a direct-access world, a business can present its own case directly to consumers, using all kinds of media. But to do that, it needs to develop high-quality content and figure out how to get it in front of its most likely potential customers. It needs help with both of these tasks.
  3. E-commerce.  Big-box stores are selling huge amounts of inventory online, leaving local retailers in the dust. It is important to have an online strategy.
  4. Business systems. A new wave of in-store point-of-sale systems is coming – systems that will capture customer data and make it usable for post-sale marketing.
  5. Data services. Everybody talks about Big Data, but who helps local businesses figure out how to use it to increase their sales?
  6. Promotions and events. In-store traffic is declining fast, and a media company needs to be a part of your strategic plan if you have a local businesses. We figure out how to buck the trend with custom promotions and events in their stores.
  7. Recruitment services. Job listings are only the most basic need of an employer who’s trying to fill jobs.  Businesses want and need more sophisticated help, and a local media company could provide it.